PRIA Ministries

Sharing Love by Helping Others

Our Mission

To feed and clothe the poor and widows and to provide quality education.

Our Programs

Rekha giving food to an out cast widow.

Community Support

Many widows in India suffer on a daily basis from substandard living conditions, and lack of education. They also lack employable job skills, and means for obtaining food, clothing, and medical care. PRIA Ministries cares for 125 widows and widowers who are 65 years of age or older from Tanuku and 15 surrounding villages. Many more are on the waiting list. PRIA Ministry provides funds for medicines, food, clothing, and other emergencies.

Besides the widows and widowers, PRIA also care for people with disabilities or life threatening illnesses such as tuberculosis, hepatitis and aids, since they cannot work to support themselves.

Quality Education

Chedalawada School is busting at its seams and needs to add more classrooms to accommodate all their children. We have an urgent need to add another floor by next school year. The cost of this is estimated at $180,000. One hundred of our students will need scholarships at the rate of $25.00 per month per child for twelve months. For high school students it is $30.00 a month for twelve months. This covers tuition, transportation, lab fees, uniform, and books.


Urgent Needs

  • Scholarship Fund – $7,134
  • Office/Lab/Classroom Equipment – $5,027
  • School Building – $283,053
  • Community Support – $4,677
  • Community Outreach – $1,473
  • Chapels (4) – $14,830
  • Busses (2) – $49,980
  • Bakery Project – $291,915


Check or Money Order

  • PO Box 99655
  • Seattle, WA 98139

Other Options Coming Soon

Every dollar received goes into the operation of this ministry.


Babuaro & Sarojini Chedalawada

PO Box 99655

Seattle, WA 98139