Quality Education

Total enrollment for the new school year stands at 422. Chedalawada School is busting at its seams and needs to add more classrooms to accommodate all their children. We have an urgent need to add another floor by next school year. The cost of this is estimated at $180,000. One hundred of our students will need scholarships at the rate of $25.00 per month per child for twelve months. For high school students it is $30.00 a month for twelve months. This covers tuition, transportation, lab fees, uniform, and books.

Grade 4 in Worship

Parents of the students are pleased at the way we are running the program this year. In order to keep up this interest, we need to provide adequate facilities and programs.

It is the custom of the schools in India to have classes six days a week. In addition to this, many parents are not educated enough to manage their children’s time and study at home. To meet this need, we have started to conduct branch classes similar to those in Adventurers and Pathfinders. The main purpose of this program is to teach God’s love through nature. There are now 265 students enjoying these nature classes.